Friday, April 23, 2010

This Week in Rap

Week In Rap - April 23rd from Week in Rap on Vimeo.

The American Muslim Teenager's Handbook by Dilara Hafiz

Here's a good read suggestion:

"Are all Muslims terrorists? Does Muslim culture clash with American culture? Can Muslim teens go to the prom? Casual, colloquial, joking, contemporary, and passionate, this interactive handbook by two Arizona teens and their mom talks about their faith, about what it is like to be both proud Americans and proud Muslims, and about misunderstandings and stereotypes. Originally self-published in 2007, this revised paperback edition has a new afterword, updated coverage of social issues, and new chapters on interfaith discussion and Muslim fundamentalism and extremism. The design, which encourages browsing, includes occasional photos and lots of colored screens with questions and answers, as well as survival tips for dealing with stereotypes in a post-9/11 world. There are also step-by-step guides on how to pray, how to read the Qur'an, and how to fast at Ramadan. Muslim and non-Muslim teens alike will be caught by the candor, the humor, and the call for interfaith dialogue and tolerance. Great for group discussion.--Rochman, Hazel Copyright 2009 Booklist From: Syndetics Solutions, Inc. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc."

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wow-All the Tweets Ever Made Archived!

The Library of Congress plans to archive every single Tweet ever sent.
With over 50 million Tweets posted each day, we're talking in the billions!
Be careful of what you Tweet :)  Read article here